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The Team

WCA team members are highly trained professionals with flexible outlooks. Their backgrounds range from "barely have enough to operate" non-profits to high profile corporate environments to intense web / game development start ups.

The whole team has two things in common:

  • a commitment to "the customer comes first",

  • and a proven belief that "team work is the key to success".

Our Services

Woldring Consulting team members are experienced experts who lead client assignments in British Columbia and Ontario. Each WCA team member is a proven, results oriented individual focused on delivering results and client satisfaction.

Woldring Consulting is led by:

  • Dick Woldring - who has over 20 years experience in non-profit management and governance, sports administration, event planning and execution. Dick is also a professional Santa Claus, expertise he puts into play for only a limited time each year.

  • Sony Bae - who has over 20 years of experience as a professional project and program manager in facilities in the energy and health care fields. Sony consistently receives accolades for her stakeholder engagement, her contract management, her team leadership and her customer account management skills.

Dick and Sony lead a carefully picked team of top of the line professionals. A number of them have their own firms, associating with WCA on client assignments. Their backgrounds include:

    • executive management,

    • web and IT software development,

    • health care delivery,

    • facilities construction and upgrading,

    • emergency preparedness,

    • e-learning,

    • and project management.

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